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I create responsive websites, meaning the content responds to the size of the screen. Sites I design look good, are easy-to-read and work well on any device, be it a small phone, a wide desktop or anything in-between. I use WordPress (an extremely popular content management system that allows updating content from a user-friendly dashboard — no code required) because it is flexible and has a very bright future.

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A logo, while not a brand, is the cornerstone and often most recognizable component of a brand. I design logos that communicate a brand’s aesthetic and values. Let’s make your business look polished and credible.

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After designing a website and/or logo the new design should be incorporated into all of the business’s social media channels for a cohesive and clear brand image. I design social media graphics — like Facebook and Twitter profile, cover and header images — that reinforce polished, cohesive brand messages.

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The clients I help most are solopreneurs — writers, designers, photographers, plant-strong evangelists, makers and minimalists — who are interested in using their creative superpowers to make the world a better place.

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I’m a Colorado-based website and logo designer who loves pixels and respects brands. I create beautiful experiences for a multiscreen world. I believe simple is always better and showcasing only well-organized, highly legible content makes for the best user/customer experience.

I design websites because I’m still in daily, jaw-dropping awe of the Internet. Unlimited access to unbelievable creativity and life-changing content makes my world a better place. Using my skills to create small — albeit beautiful, functional and easy-to-read — corners of the Internet thrills me.  My work requires me to combine my artistic skills (to get the right look and feel) with my more technical skills of organizing content and tweaking code. Creating websites engages both my heart and mind and that makes me happy.

I tend towards enthusiasm for each project I work on. That enthusiasm will spill over to a passion for your brand, site and business.  I go all in.  Want to join me?

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Interested in working with me? Great! Please fill out the contact form, letting me know a little about your project, and we’ll start a conversation. Thanks!

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